Our Process

“We are guided by curiosity, a questioning of the status quo, and a desire to invent or acquire new products and brands.”, IAC

We believe that building products across key verticals enable us to continue our growth for many years to come. We study key trends based on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Ark Invest Big Ideas Report, and other invaluable resources to help us identify potential products for our pipeline.

Once we identify these trends, we act. Our actions are always based on the following 7 metrics:


All of our products must be able to scale into different cities, states, and even countries. Our design process keeps this in mind during the early stages of development.

Low Overhead

We use in-house proprietary methods that enable us to keep our operational costs at a minimum without sacrificing product growth in any way.

Agile Development

Our team and agile development partners have committed to always deliver fast, reliable, and secure products in record time. We believe strongly in rolling out MVP(minimal viable products) as quickly as possible while we learn and collect feedback during that stage as well. The beta phase ensures that our final product launch gives customers a chance to provide valuable feedback.

Great Partners

Our partners are a huge part of our success as they contribute tremendously to our bottom line. We take a very selective approach to who we identify as partners. We work with startups as well as large corporations to fill very specific needs at KYN Capital Group.

Cloud-based Services

Cloud-based services are the future. We embed cloud-based services as a base layer in all of our products.

Streamlined Workflows

By having streamlined workflows and a well designed architecture removes the friction that could exist across products or within the same product.


We will always remain on the cutting-edge of technology innovations. Our goal is to remain 3-5 years ahead of others when we decide to implement a new products or services to our platform.