KYN Capital Group Gives Corporate Update for Koinfold Pay 2.0 Enhanced Design Features supporting Bitcoin and 75+ Crypto Tokens

CARSON CITY, NV, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – KYN Capital Group (OTC: KYNC) is pleased to announce that Koinfold 2.0, the number one feature laden wallet app, has taken the next step and added many new features and a new fresh design to make Koinfold 2.0 even easier to use and more functional. The updated release has been uploaded to the Apple App and Google Play stores and is expected to be available for download within a few days awaiting final approval.

Koinfold 2.0 has added several amazing features to become the leading platform for all of your Crypto and WEB3 experiences - all in one wallet bringing revenue to the company for 2023 and forward. Koinfold 2.0 will now have tool tips (so new users can navigate the app easier, and to create a better understanding of the features.) NFTs through Koinfold 2.0 can be created and purchased through a HyperMint link (a self service NFT minting platform) in app to start or improve your WEB3 experience.

Koinfold 2.0 expects to onboard with over 300 plus retail locations that will accept crypto payments generating revenue for Koinfold 2.0 in affiliate fees as well. Koinfold 2.0 is launching a Metaverse platform generating revenue from ticket sales and events with top-tier artists, concerts and games.

Koinfold 2.0 will also offer sign-ups with partners for rewards and discounts via the app. Our expected goal is to onboard greater than 250,000 users by Q4 2023, continuing revenue growth for Koinfold 2.0 via marketing, contests, social platforms and celebrities - all whom will benefit by using our platform to promote their creative talents.

This is in addition to Koinfold 2.0 current support Dai, Ether, ETH, Tether, Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), and Wrapped Ether (wETH), depending on app users region. Koinfold users can convert fiat to cryptocurrency on the Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Optimism, and Artibrum in a matter of minutes.

KYN Capital Group CEO Rick Wilson announces, “This latest roll-out will improve the onboarding process with its lowest processing fees in the market combined with MoonPay and instant access. Koinfold Pay stands committed with MoonPay and their strength in the crypto market. By using MoonPay as our payment platform we reduce liability for Koinfold 2.0 and now our users are protected by one of the most trusted and secure crypto processing platforms in the world while making their transactions. Moonpay is a leading payment processor on and off ramp for crypto assets and is not a crypto wallet that would compete with Koinfold. We are proud to be working with such a great company as MoonPay!"

A free download for Koinfold 2.0 is available via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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KYN Capital Group, Inc. (KYNC), a Nevada Corporation, is a leading holding company dedicated to being at the vanguard of its industry working on acquisitions in the entertainment, blockchain, cryptocurrency and touchless payment verticals. KYNC leverages the expertise of its highly skilled team & developers to create a cohesive force in formulating market and business strategies, ensuring that they remain ahead of the curve to carry the company forward in the marketplace.

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